The Best Way of Marketing Your Business Online

In marketing your product or services online, think of the different angles that your target customers do, think, or feel. Put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective. These are great ways to understand why and how your customers came up to wanting or needing a product or service.

Answer Your Customer’s/Client’s Questions

Do customers ever ask a question before making a decision to buy a product or service? Yes they do, all the time!

For example, you own a yoga studio. Right before somebody would get ready to make a purchasing decision for yoga membership, ask yourself the questions they might be asking that you can put a valuable answer in front of them in response to their queries.

One great example is, answer their question on what is the best type of outfit to use during yoga sessions. This marketing strategy helps you in knowing who to target and where to find your perfect prospects online.

Solve Their Problem

At any point, your customer may have encountered a problem or frustrations which promted them to look for a product or service that will solve the issue.

One great example is, you are here reading this article because you were searching for some tips on marketing your business or services. Simple yet powerful way of attracting your customers online is to create a piece of content to help them find you. 

Another good example is a skin care product. If you market your acne cream by talking about your product ingredients instead of talking to your prospect, then you are absolutely doing it the wrong way. Showcase your acne cream in front of your audience by asking them if they have been struggling with an acne, and then tell them how your product can solve their acne problems and make their confidence come back.

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It’s all about what they imagine that your product is making them feel after using it. Customers does not care about the product unless they somehow emotionally attached to it.

Solving a customer’s problem is probably the best way of marketing your business.

Tell A Story

Do you have any stories of people who have experienced something awful that’s happened to them because they didn’t use your product? Maybe they use the competitor’s product or they didn’t know about your product at all. Or they were not properly informed the right way to utilize it.

For example, you have a weight loss product and people aren’t losing weight because they did not know what diet information to follow. Just flip the awful side of the story into the positive outcome of them using the product with proper and adequate information.

Passion Marketing

Do you have a passion product where people would enjoy tips on how to increase their enjoyment out of that product?

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Jewelry is one example of a product that does not really solve an immediate problem but there are lots of people out there who are passionate about them. You can actually provide care tips about these products or style topics. They will get attracted to it and eventually love your brand and purchase one of your jewelry products.


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