Stay At Home Mom Income

Stay At Home Mom Income: How I Made $43,000 In 2019

As a stay-at-home mom, income does not magically show up even if you work your butt off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make your house spotless. Nobody pays you, period!

My piece of advice if you are trying to make an income while being a full-time stay-at-home mom is to focus on one thing. If you are a crafty person and you like to start making money out of your crafts, think of one type of craft that you really enjoy. And then focus on it.

By focusing on one idea, you will have faster progress which means you will make more money sooner.

My income as a stay-at-home mom in 2019

Stay-At-Home Mom Income

The image above shows my overall revenue from my Shopify store in 2019.

I made this money while staying at home and being able to spend time with my family and be there with my son every time he needs me.

This income is from my jewelry store alone that I started in January 2019.

Can you really make an income being a stay at home mom?

Absolutely. But it entails a **** ton of determination.

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Determination, determination, determination…

I know some people who are scared to build an online business. No, please set aside your fear. The internet would not bite you, I swear.

If you are able to stay home for some reason that you don’t have any control of, make something good out of it. Make it productive. Make your homestay worthwhile by earning some income. A stay-at-home mom income that you can be proud of because it all came from your own tears and sweats.

How did I make this much money?

It’s through consistent work and learning. I love to learn, every day, I make sure that I learn something new related to business and online hustles.

It is not easy, you bet. On top of being a mom and wife, I have to juggle through life and business that only I am managing.

There are days that I am dragging myself out of bed to work on my business. If not, who else would do it?

On top of it, I’ve had a medical emergency in 2019, lost an unborn baby, struggled with grief, anxiety, and depression.

Yet, I pushed through and through every day. I made that much money not because I am ambitious, but because I want to keep living even on the days that I felt so dead inside.

You may be wondering what I did exactly, literally.

Well, I braved myself and started a business that is solely home-based. I built a circle of awesome ladies who worked for me through commission-based.

I kept a positive tone when talking to my customers and affiliates every single time even if I was emotionally drained.

That is how I did it. That’s how I managed to earn that much in revenue while being a stay-at-home mom.

And if you will ask me if I am organized in managing this business? No, not at all. I started this business with not enough knowledge to keep everything in place. And so it went messy.

My bookkeeping wasn’t in place. My marketing was all over the place. I did everything one by one as it came by. I did not absolutely have a plan for running the business.

Main income source as a stay at home mom

Believe it or not, this was all from a single niche store. I created the store in hopes that I can scrape some income to support a small portion of household expenses.

And it did, with flying colours.

This store was my source of income for the whole year, and nothing else.

It became my friend, my enemy, my source of joy, yet stress-inducing at times.

Thank goodness, my jewelry is sparkly and colourful. It brings joy and good aura. They kind of tell me to cheer up sometimes.

So what am I into exactly

As I mentioned, I earned this income from my Shopify store. I purchase wholesale materials and make the jewelry myself.

No, I don’t pound the metals myself to create a piece of jewelry from scratch. I simply buy the parts and join them together. That simple.

Most of them, I make on-demand – for the reason of supply limitation. I am not a giant jewelry brand, I only have a small number of supplies enough to deliver a couple of orders per day.

The store thrives from the affiliate program.

I’m telling you,

If you have a brand and you are not utilizing an affiliate program? You are leaving money on the table.

Affiliate stats for the last 30 days

My affiliates work for me while I make sure that I deliver the best products and customer service. In short, I give all myself out to make them feel valued. That’s how you keep a good relationship with them.

We communicate every day. I provide not just commission but also a trusting environment so that they will be productive and confident to patronize my brand.

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The profit

It’s the beginning of March, which means, I just did our taxes. Guess what? My profit came to $10,000 after every single expense.

Even though it wasn’t that huge, I felt like I made so much more than that.

Why? Because…

  • I helped my fellow moms to earn some money without leaving their homes.
  • I gained so much valuable knowledge business-wise.
  • It was a success for me.
  • I built this business from the ground all by myself.
  • I grew the business into more than 30,000 in value.

As you can see, the profit from this business did not all came from the monetary values. A big part came from the feeling of being successful even with all the failure and mishaps.

My plans

A year after establishing the brand, the learnings that I gathered working alone cannot be traded with anything.

I gained so much knowledge that I plan on pivoting to another venture.

The store is still up and running and making money. However, I’ve decided to spend more of my time on a passive form of income.

My husband and I have the same dreams as any couple in the world would have. It’s to retire early with just having an income source running on the background.

How nice would it be?

Hustle. That’s what I tell myself every day. That’s what makes me jolt out of my bed every morning. I am a firm believer that if you keep hustling, you will absolutely get there.

What I promised to myself

Providing value to my followers is always my vision. Everyone dreams to be able to make money out of their homes. With this, I promised myself to share my knowledge about business.

Being a giver rather than a receiver will not make you feel empty, but rather fills your heart with so much joy.

That is what’s most important – to share what you have, in any form to everyone.

Want to know the exact steps that I took?

  1. Researched for a practical niche and supplier
  2. Ordered samples
  3. Gathered knowledge about branding
  4. Created a Shopify store
  5. Learned basic theme customization
  6. Be the best customer service rep to my own business
  7. Owned the mompreneur tag

#1. Research for a practical niche.

Niche research seems like a lot of work but the reality is, it isn’t. Look around you, what do people love to do? What do people love to wear? What are people talking about?

This is how you base your niche research. It sure does not sound hard at all.

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Be wary of some things to consider:

  1. An over categorized niche isn’t desirable as it is too narrow and there is little room to scale.
  2. Find a niche that is not very seasonal. What I mean are products that are only famous during specific holidays.
  3. Plan shipping and delivery ahead. Do not engage in products that are too big to ship.
  4. Calculate the profit margin in advance. It’s best to acquire products have really low wholesale prices to have enough room for profit and expenses.
  5. Focus on brandable niche products.
  6. Find products that either solves a problem or boosts people’s confidence and overall feeling.

Supplier Research

There are a lot of websites out there who can supply your chosen niche products to sell.

I could not point you to a specific one as I don’t exactly know what products you are going to sell. However, you can start with Alibaba and Aliexpress.

Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Contact the supplier about the products you are interested in.
  2. Ask for prices per bulk order depending on how much you can afford to start.
  3. Ask for shipping rates to your country.
  4. Do some digging for the supplier’s legitimacy such as reviews, years in business, company rating, payment options.
  5. Never close a deal and pay for an unsafe mode of payment. Secure yourself from fraudsters.

#2. Order Samples

After making arrangements and dealings with the supplier, if you are contented with everything, it’s time to order the samples.

These samples will also be your initial source of product images to photograph.

#3. Gather knowledge about branding

You are just at the starting point of building your business however, it’s the perfect time to create branding assets.

Branding assets are the logos, icons, cover photos, etc that you can use over and over to have a consistent brand look.

It’s advisable to stick to a colour scheme that you love that would also reflect your products. Most of your time will be spent staring at your storefront so make sure that you choose a colour that would not hurt your eyes.

Decided on colour palettes? Time to create your branding assets at Canva. It’s so easy to design on Canva. Even if you’ve never made a design before, I’m confident that you can come up with a nice logo.

#4. Create a Shopify store

What’s great with Shopify is that it is super user-friendly. If you are a beginner in terms of creating an online store, you can completely have your Shopify store up and running without any help.

At this point, you should have the brand assets ready that you made from Canva and product images from the samples.

It’s time to add your products to Shopify. When your products are added, you can start customizing your theme to have the same colour palettes and style with your assets.

#5. Learn basic theme customization

Design isn’t for everybody. It takes love for graphics to be able to do some basic graphic design.

It’s my forte but I am not a professional graphic designer. It’s one of my passion, hence I purchase fonts and graphics from time to time for my business.

But wait.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to be able to beautify your online store. What I’m saying is, if you are not fond of graphic design, it’s challenging to do theme customization.

Thank goodness to Shopify’s free templates, you can change some colours, fonts, and images easily.

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But if you’ve done your absolute best yet your store still doesn’t look presentable, you can hire a Shopify staff to do it for you. Fiverr is also an option.

My best advice: Find big brand websites and try to copy the placement of their homepage sections for a clean look.

#6. Be the best customer service rep to your own business

Even if you have a perfect product with awesome marketing and unicorn branding yet your customer service sucks, your brand will not take off.

It’s not new that customer service is bread and butter of any business.

It’s not always “sunshine” in running a business. There are definitely stormy days that feel like they wouldn’t go away. Take advantage of the bad days as a learning curve.

It’s inevitable to have angry customers. The best thing that you could do is to take your best customer service skills out and turn the anger into a rave.

Tip: Always be nice and apologetic to your complaining customers. Offer something nice like a freebie or a big discount. If they are still unsatisfied, offer a refund. You’ll lose money, I know. But you didn’t risk having a mad customer posting nasty feedback everywhere.

#7. Own the mompreneur tag

It can be very challenging to stay consistent in running an online business by yourself. The task is overwhelming, the emails and messages are piling. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are your own boss and you will do this!

You are a solopreneur, the business is under your name, and nobody else can take credit for your hard work and progress. Own the pride as a “Mom Boss” and crush it!

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Stay At Home Mom Income

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