4 Social Media Marketing Strategies For Modern Enterpreneurs

Social media marketing has been one of the main sources of success for business owners over the past decade. Below are the 4 tips that you can apply to your marketing strategy in order to dominate social media marketing.

Facebook Advertising

FB ads are perhaps the best form of online advertising today. It has over 2 billion users around the world. Facebook collects so much data to your advantage to reach potential customers and clients for your business. However, the key is to run highly targeted ads on Facebook. You can do that by building custom audiences through the Facebook ads manager platform. For a very small budget of $5-$10, those ads are seen by the right audience.

When running Facebook ads, your main objective is acquiring leads or website conversations – mainly sales and not to buy views or comments. If you’re spending money on Facebook ads, you shouldn’t just throw your money away. What you are aiming for is buyers. Objectives should be tailored to your angle whether to get content views or purchases.

Instagram and Twitter Search

These social networks provide end-users with a lot of data and easy access to reach people. You can simply go on Twitter and type in the search phrase any business you want to work with.

The same thing applies to Instagram. You can also use hashtags on these platforms and see anyone that’s talking about a topic that you are interested in. You can then swoop and join the conversations. Make sure that as you’re creating content, you are also building relationships.

Private Mastermind Group

Starting your own private mastermind groups such as a Facebook group that’s private allows you to create private direct messaging where you can bring like-minded professionals and colleagues. Through your own Mastermind group, you are able to control the conversation and directly share with the group members without coming across as being self-promotional. In this way, you can also look at content that other people are posting without having to sort through hundreds and thousands of accounts.

Free mastermind groups are going to be a big trend going forward because basic marketers are sick of having to spend money on social media. Using this social media marketing, you only have to analyze who your superfans are or who are the people that are most interested in your content and directly invite them into the group. This way, you can now sell to them without having to run ads.

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Instagram Places

Use places! As you are going to different places, as you’re sharing your content on Instagram, you want to tag where you’re at or your business. The reason why is because people will be looking for content in these venues. For instance, you are going to a sporting event or game in Staples Center. You want your content to be indexed in Staples Center.

Make sure that you are not only paying to optimize your content and get additional reach but you can also do a couple easy and free tricks to get more organic reach and it starts with tagging places where you visit as you post your content on Instagram.


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