Niche Products: Here’s Why You Should Sell Them To Passionate People

What are passionate niche products? These are the products that a group of people are highly interested in. Everyone has their own preferences, likes, dislikes and hobbies. Sometimes these hobbies turn into something that they love – it turns into a passion.

Presenting niche products to a relevant passionate audience will put your marketing at the highest possibility of a great return of investment.

What is passion?

Passion is the ignition to a person’s desire to do something out of love. When you are passionate about something, you desire everything about it. You want to get things that associate with it, big or small, cheap or expensive.

Some grow with passion, while others develop it in later life. Myself, for instance, had been very crafty as far as I can remember going back to my childhood. While a few years ago, I discovered that I am passionate about business, eCommerce, and writing.

Why offer niche products with a passionate audience?

  • You can work closely with your customers
  • Higher visibility to your audience
  • Customers are most likely loyal to your brand
  • Less competition
  • Increased personal growth as a business owner
  • Fewer resources needed

You can work closely with your customers.

Being a smaller group of people, working with a passionate audience means you’re able to work with them closely. You will recognize patterns of behaviour better which make building quality relationships easier.

Working with a smaller group of people with the same preferences is like cooking a meal for five kids who will finish their plate with no whining. I know that sounds hard to achieve. That’s why these passionate audiences are easier to handle.

“Less is more”, “Quality over quantity” – these are so true when it comes to dealing with a smaller customer base. Less but engaged customers are far better than a million of them who does not care one bit of your offer because they could not relate.

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Higher visibility to your audience

As a marketer, I know how it feels like trying to reach all the people on the internet who might be interested in a product I’m offering. It’s tedious work. While smaller passionate audiences are not very hard to reach considering that they aspire for the same thing.

Where to find these people?
  • Find a niche website.
  • Search the website name inside Facebook audience insights.
  • Save your audience.

Find a niche website. It should be a big established website. Example: This website is for nurse’s professional development, career-building, etc. Clearly, it’s intended for nurses and a big portion of their visitors are professional nurses.

You then go to Facebook and research these audiences through Audience Insights. Type in, you will see that this website has more than 200 thousand audiences from the United States alone.

Niche Products

Evidently, website is a good target for your medical-related products. As you can see, the affinity is super high with liked pages that are all about nurses.

By doing this method, you don’t just save time on guessing how to reach your potential customers, you are also sure that these are the passionate audience for your niche products.

Customers are most likely loyal to your brand

Loyal customers are a business’ bread and butter. Because their loyalty does not stop at being a repeat customer. They patronize your product or brand and refer it through word-of-mouth. With passionate niche customers, consider that two-fold.

Existing customers spend 67% more than new customers. In the jewelry brand that I am currently running, our repeat customers rate for the month of January 2020 is 50%. Last year, we had it at 19% which is still good for an annual calculation.

shopify conversion rate

Less competition

While having a competitor has an advantage, with super niche products, it does not matter. Small-audience niches do not entice big players so they op out of it. You can take it as an advantage and leverage on these small groups comprising passionate people.

Walmart, for example, sells plants in-store during summer. They sell a variety of plants including succulents yet they don’t put them on the shelves during the cold season. You can take the plunge and put your succulents in front of the succulent lovers.

There are, however, some passion niches that have a lot of sellers. The nurse niche is one example. But you can shift the angle and instead of selling nurse t-shirts, you can offer nurse jewelry, stickers, pens (nurses love pens) and so on.


Increased personal growth as a business owner

Super niche business revolves around a routine. It’s super focused so there’s more chance of you, as an owner, to be an expert in the niche. More expertise brings in more engagement and trust from your customers. It’s easy to build relationships with your customer base that way. So if you are a nurse by profession selling nurse merchandise to nurses, guess how that’ll go.

Fewer resources needed

Let’s put it this way. Supposed your friend was Wayfair and you’re Plant Collective. Wayfair sure does sell succulents but that is just a small portion of their inventory. They got loads of home products not to mention large furniture. Does that scream a humungous warehouse? It sure does. While you only sell succulents exclusively. Those are tiny plants. It only requires a small to a medium shop to run the business.

By selling super niche products with a passionate audience, there’s less risk involved. The size of your audience has an equal ratio to the amount of time and effort needed. General stores manage many segments of customers while niche stores have only a cornerstone of audiences requiring their attention.

Here are some niches with passionate audiences that you can dive into:

  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Home decorating
  • Gaming
  • Religion
  • Reading
  • Travel
  • Sewing
  • Beading
  • Gardening
  • Pottery
  • Crafting
  • RC toys
  • Photography
  • Pet
  • Jewelry
  • Music
  • Mothers (breastfeeding, cloth diapering, etc)
  • LGBTQ+
  • Cruelty-free fashion
  • Eco-friendly home living
  • Outdoor recreations

Don’t forget to take into consideration your own passion and preferences. Success in selling niche products are more achievable if the niche resonates with you.

Positioning yourself into niche commerce with proven passionate audiences makes business engagement more meaningful. It’s like going fishing in a small pond with big fishes.


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