Instagram Tips For Business: The Ultimate Guide In 2020

As you position your brand on Instagram, it’s important to know everything about the platform. We will tackle in this article all the Instagram tips for business that you can refer to and implement.

You might be wondering if there are tips, tricks, or hacks that these successful brands on Instagram are using. Yes, there are, of course, actionable tips that you can also start implementing on your Instagram posts to stand out amongst the others.

Let’s start with stats

Listed below are the statistics that business owners can ponder upon when it comes to using Instagram for social media marketing.

  • Instagram is the second most downloaded free app in the App store.
  • There are 1 billion monthly users on Instagram – 500 million of them use the story feature everyday.
  • The ratio between male and female users is almost equal.
  • An average user spends an average of 28 minutes per day on the platform.
  • Reachable users for advertising are at approximately 850 million.
  • 200 million of its users visit an Instagram business page per day.
  • 1 in every 3 stories viewed by users are from businesses.
  • Active brands posts an average of 2.5 stories per week.
  • Instagram hides number of likes and video views on 7 countries.
  • Almost 90% of users are outside the U.S.
  • Brunei is the country with most percentage of Instagram reach.
  • 130 million Insta users tap on shopping links every month.
  • 11% of social media users shop via Instagram
  • Insta influencers are paid between $100 and $2,085 per sponsored post by brands.

These stats can be mind-blowing to some marketers or business owners who are just yet to take a leap on the platform. It’s important that you have the right information before engaging in Instagram advertising/promotion.

Setting up an account is easy. Follow these steps:

Step 1

Download and launch the Instagram app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Windows Phone store. Alternatively, you can use a Google Chrome extension that supports direct messaging.

instagram google chrome app

Step 2

Sign up with your preferred email address or tap sign up with Facebook to use your Facebook account and automatically link it with Instagram.

instagram sign up

Add your necessary details such as business name, username, email address and phone number via the edit profile link.

* indicates required

Step 3

Switch and set up a free business account.

Inside the app, go to settings -> account, and scroll to the bottom and tap “Switch to Professional Account”.

Instagram tips for business

Step 4

Connect your Facebook page. Instagram product uploads rely on Facebook page products to sync. Go to settings, scroll to the middle and tap “Linked Accounts”.

Step 5

Follow users and create your first post.

Why switch to an Instagram business profile?

Apparently, there are more advanced features in a business profile than a standard one which, if you’re a regular user will usually have. But even personal account owners now prefer a business profile to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • You can add business information such as business hours, location, and business phone number.
  • See insights about your followers and how they interact with your posts and stories.
  • Promote posts or run Instagram ads from your ads manager.

Business recognition

With a business profile, you can add business information such as contact details on your Instagram page. Through this, potential customers can easily get in touch with you for inquiries and support.

Access to insights

When you switch to a business profile, you can have access to your account and post insights. This is very important in your business.

Knowing the number of engagements, reach, and account growth metrics will definitely help your brand in determining what performs better.

Instagram tips for business

Run Instagram paid promotions/ads

A lot of marketers are seeing positive results with Instagram ads. With over 130 million potential customers tapping shopping links every month, you are missing big time if you have not tried running Instagram ads.

The overall revenue from Instagram through the years has continually growing upward with a projected 6.8 billion U.S. dollars in global revenues in the 4th quarter of 2020 – doubled from the revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Statistic: Projected revenue of Instagram from 1st quarter 2017 to 4th quarter 2020 (in billion U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Create Instagram ads

Setting up ads to show only on Instagram is quite easy. From your Facebook ads manager, create a campaign normally like when you’re creating a campaign for Facebook.

When you get to the point of choosing placements in the ad set level, uncheck the other choices except for Instagram.

Instagram tips for business

On the next page, you will have an option to change the Instagram account. It’s important to choose the Instagram page associated with a specific promotion. Otherwise, it will cause confusion to your customers and will have a negative effect on your brand.

Instagram tips for business in creating content

Instagram is a highly visual platform. It thrives on images and videos that users post every single day. Leverage the visual part of marketing in order for your business to stand out on Instagram.

  • Tell your story using colours or themes that represent your brand.
  • Post consistently.
  • Make really good creatives.
  • Produce quality photos and videos.
  • Keep consistent tones on your posts.

Tell your story using colours or themes that represent your brand

Instagram branding has been the focus of most businesses these days. In fact, there are a bunch of apps that have been developed to make your photos look consistent and appealing.

Most of these apps can be used for free with an option to upgrade to unlock more advanced features.

Here’s a list of these photo editing apps:

Use colour palettes consistently in every post that you craft on Instagram.

Whether you use these apps or simply edit your photos with the built-in Instagram editor, it’s important to portray a look and feel that conveys your brand.

Post consistently

Consistent posting on your social media accounts keeps your customers updated with a fresh content and offers. It also builds trust from your audience as you’re exhibiting sincerity in your business.

Posting consistently does not have to be multiple times a day. You can schedule posts once a day or three times a week, whatever works for you as long as you update your profile frequently.

You can use the insights within your Instagram account to schedule your posts according to the best time or hour of the day that your followers are actively using the app.

Posting frequently can be challenging. However, planning will help in keeping your posts up-to-date. Download the free planner below to make content scheduling easier.

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    Make really good creatives

    Consider these 3 principles when making a creative:

    • Include your logo, brand colour, and/or product.
    • Tell a story that supports the goal of your post.
    • Use high-quality images or videos.
    Instagram tips for business

    Produce quality photos and videos.

    The quality of your photos or videos says it all about your business. Crisp images capture attention way better. If you are serious about your Instagram game, post only photos and videos that has a quality equivalent to your brand.

    Here are a couple of tips:

    1. Use good lighting. Natural lighting is best when taking photos. If you don’t have access to nice natural lighting, use photography lighting products. Have look at this budget-friendly DIY photo studio.
    2. Create unique videos by using Boomerang or Hyperlapse.
    3. Showcase your images with Layouts and carousel.
    4. Use free stock photos. Canva has a good resource as well as Pixabay.

    Keep consistent tones on your posts.

    Your followers love your brand for who you are. Keep messaging conversations, comment replies, and post captions consistent.

    Understanding Instagram insights to drive good results

    When using Instagram as a means to capture followers and customers, it’s important to utilize insights correctly. Learning how to leverage insights to drive good marketing results puts your Instagram level up a notch from your competitors.

    Page insights can be used in varied ways according to your business goals.

    Brand awareness

    Track the influx of your followers, reach, profile visits, and page impressions that can be found inside the “Activity Tab”.


    Connecting with the community is the goal of most businesses. In the “Content tab”, you can find the metrics on individual posts, stories, comments, saves, email, texts, or calls.

    These metrics keep you in the loop of how engaged your customers or followers are so you can tweak your future posts or stories to produce more captivating creatives.


    Outbound link clicks and product opens on your shopping posts can also be found within the insights. These metrics will help you determine which products your audience is interested in.

    For your products to show on Instagram and become shoppable, you need to set it up first with your website and Facebook page.

    Matching audiences with customers

    Shops located in the US and ships within the US, for example, should have the majority of Instagram followers who reside in the United States.

    Use the metrics in the insights to decide whether to continue with your growing strategy which is currently attracting audiences outside of your preferred market.

    Talking About #hashtags

    Hashtags are the holy grail of Instagramming. But using hashtags without researching ahead can break your goals.

    Get your brand discovered on Instagram by using the right hashtags. Adding hashtags to your posts gets them on the topic or subject that you want them to show.

    10 types of hashtags to position your brand in different angles:

    Type of HashtagExamples
    Product or service #lipstick #earrings #decorating
    Niche or industry #localphotographer #jewelrymaker #teacher
    Community #knittinglovers #bakersofinstagram
    Events or seasons #saintpattys #pinkshirtday
    Location #igerscanada #vancity
    Daily #ilovemonday #fridayflyday
    Relevant phrases #makingmemories #beingproductive
    Acronyms #ootd #lmao #tmi
    Emojis #sunnies😎 #sewing✂️
    Combinations #nycskaters #bcgamers

    Researching hashtags

    1. Check hashtag popularity
    2. List hashtags that you can use frequently for your brand
    3. Use insights to learn the best performing hashtags

    Check hashtag popularity

    Hashtags do have varying levels of popularity. Common, easy to remember hashtags are obviously more popular than the others, for example, emoji hashtags.

    When researching for hashtags, consider competitiveness. Accounts with a large number of followers will likely beat you out of the competition since they get hundreds of likes and comments shortly after they publish a post.

    While accounts with small follows can benefit from using less popular hashtags as there is a high chance of them making it to the top pages.

    List hashtags that you can use frequently for your brand

    Research and list the hashtags that are relevant for your brand, products, or service that you can use over and over. Consider hashtag competitiveness when researching and follow up with results through insights.

    For instance, you have a brand that is focused on selling jewelry. You can research hashtags pointing to jewelry niche and use them again and again to your photo or video posts that have your jewelry on them.

    You can create as many lists as you can using the different types of hashtags listed on the table above and recycle them every now and then. Utilize all 30 hashtags for maximum exposure and reach.

    Using hashtag autocomplete inside the Instagram app limits your chance at discovering less competitive hashtags that will probably give you more engagement. Tailwind has a hashtag finder that works better at exploring hashtags.

    Use insights to learn the best performing hashtags

    View insights in every post to get the impression metrics of each tag. Keep good performing hashtags and study the flopping ones. Analyze what strategy combinations work then repeat the process to gain more relevant and targeted followers.


    Instagramming is overwhelming. However, it apparently works as long as you remain parallel to your social media marketing goals.

    There is so much to learn on these Instagram tips for business. After all, learning is a never-ending process and we might encounter another emerging tip in each algorithm update.

    The topics in this guide should be able to get your Instagram marketing going by getting started and crafting the creative that you yourself would like to see on Instagram.

    If you find this post useful, please PIN IT to a business tips board on Pinterest. Sharing is caring! 💜

    Instagram tips for business


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