20 Strategies To Make Your Business Famous On Instagram Fast

As far as what everyone is saying, getting famous on Instagram takes a ton of work. Why so? Because it is a visual platform competing for really good photos. If you are not creative enough of your posts, you will get buried deep down the crowd; especially if you are just starting up.

If you are looking for strategies for your business to become famous on Instagram, I will show you some tips and tricks in this article. These tips should be able to grow your business account following on the platform in no time.

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Why do you need Instagram for business

  • Over 200 million accounts check out a business profile each day.
  • 67% of accounts who check out a business profile are not followers.
  • 1/3 of stories viewed on Instagram are from business accounts.

Whether you agree or not, having a business profile on Instagram is the most important part of using the platform for business purposes. For the most part, I agree that the business account is more confusing. However, I am telling you that if you want to be successful on Instagram business-wise, you better switch your personal profile to a business one right now.

What are the benefits of using Instagram for business?

Apparently, Instagram provides a bunch of advanced features for people who are serious in using Instagram for their business.

1. Access to detailed statistics

It allows you to see detailed statistics inside your account for growth purposes. How can you use it? By carefully looking at the trends of your posts and the use of hashtags, you can create a solid plan to craft the next post that has the potential to become viral. On the other hand, you can determine which kind of posts and hashtags to avoid that has a chance of wasting your time.

What do the stats tell you specifically?

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The insights tell you a couple of things about a certain post. It lets you know how many people or accounts you have reached in a single post and also the number of impressions on that post. Most importantly, it tells you the number of people who visited your profile over the accounts reached.

What does this mean?

If you have a post that had 10,000 views and 5,000 reached accounts, it means that the same people have seen your post twice. If 30 people visited your profile, it means that only 0.6% were curious enough to take the time to check you out.

Furthermore, if that post had only 5 comments and 20 likes, you are lacking a certain ingredient of a viral post and that is a good copy. A good copy does not only creates curiousness but also makes people well engaged. This could also mean that you have used a hashtag that makes you get discovered but it wasn’t targeted enough to your niche audience.

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2. Promote posts and run ads

From time to time, you would want to boost a post that was already gaining traction. This comes in handy when you have a business profile. Instagram placed a “promote” button at the bottom right side of the photo so you can easily tap and promote it.

3. Add more business details

By switching into a business profile, you can add more vital info about your business such as contact details. You absolutely need these details displayed for your customers to be able to directly contact you by calling, texting or emailing.

Setting up actions is another thing. Actions are “call-to-action” on your Instagram profile so that your customer can schedule an appointment, buy a ticket, or reserve a seat at a restaurant without leaving the platform.

How much does it cost for an Instagram business account

Signing up for Instagram and switching to a business profile will not cost you anything. It’s totally free to use Instagram whether you have a personal or business profile. You can access all the features without spending a dime except for paid promotions.

How much does it cost to advertise on Instagram?

Although advertising costs highly depends on a lot of factors, an analysis concluded that the average cost per click on Instagram is $0.35. As I mentioned, the success of your Instagram campaigns relies on a lot of things such as the quality of your creative, ad copy, targeting, audience size, and budget.

Often, businesses use paid advertising to reach thousands of audiences effortlessly. However, you can get famous on Instagram in a short period of time as long as you stick to the recommended strategies below.

Tips to become famous on Instagram

Just like any other social media platform, it’s quite difficult to get your brand out there without massive following from other sites that you can direct traffic from. You go after one or two pieces of advice yet it does not get you to a certain point of brand awareness that you are aiming for. So, what does it really take for your business to become famous on Instagram?

1. Don’t do the “DON’TS”

Follow the rules people. If it says do not do this thing to avoid being flagged and restricted, then simply do not do it. The rules are there for a reason and Instagram is bound to stick to it. That means you cannot get away with it. Simple as that.

  • Don’t buy followers
  • Don’t buy likes and comments
  • Don’t spam
  • Don’t regram other people’s posts

2. Do your research

Research is the pole that holds your frames together. No matter what step you take, research is and will always be a significant part to have a solid foundation. I mean, to get your ideas together and verify it through facts and studies.

For instance, to research on what hashtags are most effective for your specific niche to use. Another example is to research the type of aesthetics that attracts your target customers. And finally, to look for the type of content that appeals to your audience.

Instagram competition is so steep that if you are not prepared for the battle, you will lose almost immediately.

3. Craft a tempting copy

You have done thorough research so we can assume that part of it was about crafting a copy that is engagement-worthy.

Not just being click-bait, but a good copy makes people tap twice and leave a comment. It doesn’t actually stop there. If you seized your audience’s emotion with your copy, they will not hesitate to tap the follow button.

In addition, position your copy to the behaviour and characteristics of your target audience. Ardene, for example, sells clothes to younger women exclusively; the “language” on their posts is catered to females by using feminine jargon and emojis.

4. Always aim for quality

Nobody can appreciate a low-quality photo on Instagram except for famous memes. And running a business account means little to no meme posts as it can blur out your branding.

Have you ever seen those crisp, stunning, million-dollar photos on Instagram? Well, you know that it did make you visit the profile and check out what else they got. That’s what a high-quality photo does for you on Insta.

Your awesome photo will absolutely get people hungry for more. So then they will follow you to stay updated every time you post new content.

5. Use the right filters

Did you know that certain filters draw more attention than others? If you can crack the code and discover what filters perform the best, it would be a game-changer for you. But Iconosquare can help you achieve that.

Most famous photo filters around the world according to Canva:

  1. Clarendon
  2. Gingham
  3. Juno
  4. Sierra
  5. Valencia
  6. X-Pro II

This study proves that filters do have an impact in terms of engagement.

Become Famous On Instagram

6. Take advantage of trends

Use hashtags for emerging trends. It’s one way of reaching new audiences and getting followers.

You can use Exploding Topics or Google Trends for ideas and validate it on Instagram by searching for the hashtag.

When participating in trending topics, pay attention to how you can align your brand to keep on track with your niche. Otherwise, it may look odd for your business to engage in a completely unrelated topic.

7. Be consistent or forget about it

Consistent posting

Let’s face it, consistency is the most difficult part of social media managing. Yes, you can learn to create a perfect social media post but being consistent with it is like climbing Mount Everest. Unless you hire a social media manager, your account is at risk of becoming stagnant in the coming days.

That is the reality for most of us small business owners. We get that rush at the start but slowly accepting the fact that our Instagram account is dying a peaceful death.

How to post consistently on social media?
  • Use planners.
  • Set a reminder every single day on your phone.
  • Set another reminder for the later time of the day.
  • Place a sticky note reminder on the corners of your house that you often hang out.
  • Get a couple of posts done and schedule them.
  • Use scheduling apps like Later and Tailwind.
  • Hire a social media manager on Upwork or other freelancing sites.

Consistent content

I recently unfollowed an account because their last three photos were somewhat unrelated to their usual posts. That is one type of inconsistent content.

Your followers want the kind of content that you posted previously, hence they followed. Once you fall off the track, there’s a high chance of unfollows.

One thing to keep in mind as well is your brand principle. It has to be consistent every single time. If your products are advertised as cruelty-free, you better not post a photo of an animal suffering as it may present to your followers as offensive and therefore unfollow you.

8. Be open

Getting real engagement comes with vulnerability. Once you open up yourself to your followers, they will see a genuine person behind. It’s one of the secrets of successful coaches and trainers.

Vulnerability is uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure, but it is also the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.

Brene Brown

9. Return the favour

Reciprocity in terms of engagement is also crucial to be famous on Instagram. How can you keep a spontaneous conversation if you don’t interact with your followers or even follow them back?

It’s important to make them feel valued by returning the favour. Reply to their comment, follow them back, or like one of their recent posts. It isn’t hard to do and it makes them excited about your business paying attention to them.

10. Be responsive

Respond to your customers’ direct messages as soon as possible; whether someone is saying “Hi”, asking about a product, or inquiring about an order.

People love businesses that have top-notch customer service. And responding to DMs as soon as possible is one way of showing how good your customer service is.

11. Organize a cohesive feed

A cohesive feed tells a story about your brand. A story that people will be able to recognize right when they visit your profile.

20 Strategies To Make Your Business Famous On Instagram Fast

12. Stand out with Instagram Stories

  • Post new ideas on stories. People love new stuff.
  • Get creative by using tools like face filters, Boomerang, Hyperlapse, drawing tools, etc.
  • Use stories for Flash sales, sneak peeks and other time-sensitive posts.
  • Create stories with sound to spark engagement.

13. Combine creatives in one post

Instagram encourages users to include several photos and videos in one post as it tells more about your story. By doing this, people are more likely to respond, thus favoured by the algorithm.

14. Take advantage of geotagging

Location tagging does help in reaching more people on Instagram. When people explore a location page, your post has a good chance of showing up if you include a location tag in your photo.

15. Implement call to action

Before hitting publish, you should be able to foresee how your audience engages. Encourage engagement by asking a related question at the end of your post, or simply asking them to comment about their thoughts on the subject.

16. Run contests

Contests and giveaways are great ways to reach new audiences in a short period of time. Depending on your contest rules, you can become famous on Instagram fast with this strategy.

Set a prize that is of high value to your target audience to make your contest go viral. Because let’s be honest, people do not get excited and refer the contest to their friends if the prize appears cheapy.

17. Collaborate with other brands/influencers

Reach out to other businesses or influencers related to your niche with large following about a partnership. Offer them something that they can use for their followers in return for a mention. If they turn you down, no big deal; move on to the next one on your list.

Collaboration is a fast way to gain lots of followers.

18. Cross-promote your official hashtag

Brand hashtags can be your brand name, slogan, or niche that you use consistently to build a reputation. Include that hashtag in your bio, newsletters, flyers, receipts, your website, etc. Encourage your customers to use your official hashtag so that people will recognize your brand right when they see your hashtag elsewhere.

19. Be innovative with hashtags

From putting dots to hiding your hashtags in the comment to avoid clutter. These are just some of the ways to be creative with your hashtags. Another way of innovating is by looking for hashtags of varied categories.

20 Strategies To Make Your Business Famous On Instagram Fast

You never know when to hit that perfect hashtag for your perfect post and make you famous on Instagram overnight.

20. Use words

Words are powerful. Use them not just on your copies but also on the photos itself. Use quotes, sayings, product info, facts, trending topics. People love to see inspirational words in their feed. Use it as an avenue to capture their interest and connect with you.

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20 Strategies To Make Your Business Famous On Instagram Fast


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