facebook audience insights tutorial

Facebook Audience Insights Tutorial To Hack The Competition

As a small business owner, you have probably heard about Facebook audience insights in other people’s video tutorial. In this post, let’s dive into more deeply about Facebook audience insights practices and what it does for your business.

Maybe you have tried to go into audience insights before and was lost along the way. It’s normal as the tool can be intimidating for beginners. It needs some practice to be able to use it’s full potential to your advantage.

What does Facebook audience insights do?

Audience insights is a tool that marketers and business owners can use to know exactly the data needed to run a successful Facebook ad. Wait, it does not end there. Did you know that you can uncover who your competitors are with this tool? Cool, isn’t it?

With this tool, you will acquire important data to be able to communicate with your audience effectively.

What data can you specifically get with Facebook audience insights?

The tool provides you with information on your target audience’s liked pages, geography, demographics, and purchase behaviour.

Facebook audience insights tutorial

All you have to do to start obtaining this information is type the interest/s and choose the country that you would like to target. The data that you will get are anonymous. Meaning, there is no specific information available that pertains to a person such as contact details.

The following are the anonymous info that will appear on your audience search.

* indicates required

1. Page Likes

These are the top pages that your audience has liked in different categories such as website, shopping store, media, etc.

In the example below, I typed “jewelry” as an interest, leaving the United States as the country of target. It then gave me the top Facebook pages that the “jewelry audience” liked in varied categories.

Tip: Hover into the links and figures to see more information.

Below this, there is another set of information on the Facebook page likes in more detail. It tells you the estimate on how many people like a specific page.

The affinity is an indicator of how many people of the “jewelry audience” like the page. The higher the affinity, the more people in the “jewelry interest” followed the certain page.

In the picture below, Ooh La Llama has the most likes of people in the jewelry niche within the United States. It means that Ooh La Llama is the most relevant page in your “jewelry interest”.

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For this particular search, it now tells you that the term “jewelry” is not a good interest to target alone. Why? Because it gives you pages that are not jewelry brands or pages directed for jewelry lovers.

Facebook audience insights

2. Location and language

This tells you where people live and what languages they speak.

This information is very important for businesses that have a “brick and mortar” store since it tells you if a state has a lot of people interested in your niche or products.

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With our search on the “jewelry interest” in the United States, it tells us that the majority of these people are more likely to be located in Hidalgo County, Texas.

Facebook audience insights

Surprisingly, with regards to language, it shows that the top language for this particular interest is Portuguese.

3. Demographics

These are age, gender, education status, lifestyle, relationship status, employment, and household size of an interest or combination of interests.

By looking at the majority of age groups a specific interest has, you will be able to create the perfect creative and copy for your audience.

In the example of “jewelry” interest, it tells us that 72% of these people are women and 28% are men, with most of them married and reached college in education.

Facebook audience insights

4. Facebook usage

It tells you what devices the people inside this “interest” used to login to Facebook. This data is useful in making a decision on what device you would like your ad to show.

5. Purchasing behaviour

It’s in this section that you can see if the audience has heavy ad clickers or engagers.

If you see that an audience has a higher amount of commenters and likers than link clickers, an engagement type of campaign might be better to run.

On the other hand, if there is a heavier amount of ad clicks, you may benefit from website visitors or conversion campaigns.

Facebook audience insights tutorial


You should be able to decide if an “interest” is worth targeting in your ads having seen how searching inside the audience insights work.

With the specific “jewelry interest” we took as an example, it is not an ideal one if you are selling jewelry solely in the United States. Do you know why? Because the information that the audience insights gave us clearly suggests that these people are not jewelry lovers.

What happens if you proceeded and saved this specific audience and used it in your jewelry ad? Most likely, people will not be interested in your offer and you will not get a desirable return of investment.

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However, the said “jewelry interest” might have good data and relevancy when you change the country, age, or include another interest.

Facebook Audience Insights Tutorial To Hack The Competition

So how does a good/relevant audience look like?

When I do audience research to use for my ads, I only look at the pages liked and its affinity. I find that I only need this since I already choose “women” as demographics; having women in 99% of my customers.

I choose a country to target and then play on a couple of interests and see if it gives me relevant information. See an example of a good, relevant audience for jewelry products below.

I had “my name necklace” as interest, chose women only and Canada as the country.

The Facebook audience insights tool showed me the pages that are obviously jewelry and beauty brands. The page with the highest infinity score tells me that 89.3k of people on this page are actively engaging every month with 50.9k of them are audiences of the interest “my name necklace”.

That is a good sign that if you use this interest for your jewelry ad (paired with good creatives and copy), people will likely respond and buy.

Tip: Pair the interest/s with an “engaged shoppers” behaviour to target audiences who had made a purchase from an ad recently. They are more likely to buy again.

What to do next

You can go ahead and save the audience that you decide to be a good fit for your campaign. You can create an ad right away or use it later.

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Competition spying using Facebook audience insights

If your business is new and you don’t know who are the other brands out there in your niche, you can use this tool to discover them. Say, you did not know that “My Name Necklace” is a brand or it even exists. But since you saw that it was suggested when you typed the word “necklace”, you went ahead and use it as an interest in your research.

You then know that it is a jewelry brand. Eureka! You just found one of your competitors. You then go to their page and look at their campaigns and ads. Click “see more” on the page transparency section to see more information about the page.

To see the ads, click on “go to ad library”.


The insights tool gives you a directive on what interest to target by providing demographic info, liked pages, location, language, platform usage, and purchasing behaviour.

You can also use the tool to know who your competitors are and what they’re doing on their Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

I hope this tutorial can help you to start using Facebook audience insights for your campaign and competitor analysis.

Access the tool here: facebook.com/ads/audienceinsights

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