Will Packages From China Infect Customers?

The woes and rumours regarding coronavirus with regards to dropshipping keep on spreading online like a virus too. Although the COVID19 issue emerged in late 2019, it did not make rounds around the internet until before the Chinese New Year. When I last placed a bulk order with my supplier on January 13, there was no warning whatsoever about the contagion. But I have already heard about it during that time.

As far as WHO announcement concerns, coronavirus does not survive long outside hosts or on objects. This ultimately means that packages from China aren’t a worry for virus transmission.

How is it safe to receive packages from China?

This specific virus and the other coronaviruses that the health organizations have encountered before simply do not survive outside the hosts (objects) for longer than a few hours. In a Q&A page that WHO published, they assured the general public that there is no risk of getting infected through packages and letters that came from China or other infected regions around the world.

The shortest delivery time for standard shipping from China takes about 15 business days. That is the e-packet and is widely used by the majority of dropshippers. This warrants that coronavirus won’t survive even if it was directly handled by someone who is infected.

Impact of coronavirus to your dropshipping business:

  • Stock shortage
  • Supplier silence
  • Closed factories
  • Logistic problems

Stock shortage

Since the outbreak, factories closed and workers fall ill. Inventory stock shortage will definitely follow.

Supplier silence

Suppliers are people who maybe are directly affected by the outbreak or have families who got infected and they’re highly stressed by the whole situation. You may not get replies from them for days or weeks amidst their battle of the contagious disease.

Closed factories

China’s government is utilizing the best possible ways to contain the said virus and prevent it from further spread. That being said, factories and other establishments’ temporary closure were extended.

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Logistic Problems

Temporary shutting down of offices in China includes of course shipping companies. Clearly, there’s no way that packages will be delivered normally these days.

Customer’s fear

If you indicated on your website that your products came directly from China, your customers might have developed the virus scare by now. This is inevitable considering the amount of false news about the infection spreading online.

What you can do?

  • Place a prominent announcement or informational post about it on your website or social media page. Direct them to the official WHO website where it clearly states the mode of transmission.
  • Stop any advertisement or promotions you have in place as logistics and companies based in China are taking extended breaks due to coronavirus. Although most suppliers have re-opened for business by now, flight bans are still in effect for most countries. United airlines flight bans have been extended until April 24th.
  • Contact your suppliers and ask them everything you needed to know about their business activities amidst NcoV.
  • Make use of this time to improve the other aspect of your dropshipping business such as marketing plans.
  • Keep yourself posted for updates regarding coronavirus and its impact on your dropshipping business.
  • Contact your customers about their pending orders. Be apologetic, most of them will understand. Some may get angry especially if they did not know that their package originates from China in the first place. Offer them refunds, store credits or other forms of extra value that’s in line with your policy.
  • Look around for suppliers from other countries who may be able to supply you with the exact product.
  • Big dropshipping agencies like Alidropship keeps in close communication with their trusted suppliers. You can follow their updates on their website.
Coronavirus Dropshipping
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Common Coronavirus Concerns

Are thermal detectors effective?

They do, however, during the incubation period of 2-10 days, a person may not develop fever yet. So the thermal detector won’t show higher than average body temperature.

Is pneumonia vaccine effective against the NcoV-2019?

No. Coronavirus 2019 is fairly new and different from other common viruses and it needs its own vaccine to be developed.

Who is more susceptible to the infection?

Coronavirus can infect people of all ages. However, those who have other underlying medical conditions are more prone to get the infection and vulnerable to fall severely ill than healthy individuals.

Can I take antibiotics to protect myself?

No. Coronavirus is a viral infection. Antibiotics do not work with any viral infection, only bacteria.

Is it safe to receive packages from China?

The 2019 coronavirus does not survive long on objects. So yes, it is safe to receive parcels and letters from China.

More misconceptions with answers can be found on this WHO page.


COVID19 virus certainly does not thrive outside of hosts or people’s bodies for longer periods. WHO confirms that it is safe to receive parcels and letters from China as these viruses do not live that long within shipping times.

The World Health Organization and Center For Disease Prevention And Control are exerting their best efforts to fight the current outbreak. The negative impact it does on your business may lift up sooner than expected.

Coronavirus Dropshipping

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