About Me

Hello marketers and online entrepreneurs! My name is Rowena and I have been doing e-commerce since 2017. I first became curious about online business back in 2012 when I had my very first computer. My initial goal was to get to know the online entrepreneurial world but I quickly hooked up in learning more every single day. It seemed that I was hungry for new information pertaining to online business as I go with my journey.

Three years later and I have built 2 eCommerce stores – one in the beauty niche holding inventories while the other one is a digital/download store. Before establishing these stores, I have ventured into dropshipping. I found that holding inventories worked for me better, hence the shift into it.

During my learning process, I put on all the hats (roles) a business can have. For this reason, I made really good progress when it comes to running a business on my own. I learned designing, social media marketing, doing ads, setting up websites (Shopify and WordPress), SEO, and so on.

When 2020 came, I felt like I needed to share this information from all the learnings I gathered throughout the years. Thus this blog rose. I am still learning more and more each day. I developed this hobby of researching and found love in grasping a lot of new information. The internet is so wide and full of precious ideas. I took and practice them to my own ventures and will continue to share it with all of you, my beloved readers, through this blog.

I wish you all great success in your business journey whether online or not.



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